Meet Sustainable french biscuit brand carrément Bon

The first time I came across Carrément Bon, I was exploring L’Adresse Confidentielle‘s selection of local conscious brands. I was instantly drawn to the brand’s biscuits and cookies that give onlookers a nearly irresistible urge to take a sweet snack break, solo or with loved ones.

What I particularly like about Carrément Bon is that, on top of offering organic products with high-quality ingredients, the brand also has strong fair trade and sustainable values, as well as the practices to back up those values. I contacted its founder, Christine, and her teammate Myrtille to find out more.

Who was behind Carrément Bon’s creation? 

Christine has always been passionate about cooking, travels, and meeting people. She knows that cooking brings people together, inviting people to share and discover new things. It also allows us to be pleasantly surprised by others.

One day, while baking in her kitchen, Christine realized that that could be a passion job for her. Early 2019, she created her ‘biscuiterie’ (biscuit factory). Over time, she realized that she could express her roots, her values, ​​and her creativity through her products.

What made you want to create a brand of delicious conscious and sustainable biscuits?

Christine wanted to pay tribute to the people she met and their recipes.

When she allowed herself more creativity, her mission became clearer. Her personality allowed her to highlight the work and quality that goes into each product. It also allowed her to create strong bonds within the community: supporting farmers through long-term partnerships, creating job opportunities in rural areas, including for younger individuals, with a strong awareness of local socio-ecological challenges.

She is also very involved in associations and clubs, which is both a source of support and motivation to continue down this path. This is important when working so differently from the majority of other brands and businesses can be a lonely, doubt-filled road.

How do implement Carrément Bon’s social and environmental values within the business? 

Starting the business, in 2019, it was an obvious choice to make it 100% organic, while providing fair wages for producers and opting for minimal packaging with a zero plastic approach (cellophane labeled Home Compost…).

At Carrément Bon, there is a desire to be health-conscious (no pesticides, preservatives, additives, or artificial coloring and low sugar content products). Sensitive to different nutritional and dietary needs, Carrément Bon also offers gluten-free and vegan product ranges. Opting for organic practices was also made to help the health of farmers who are otherwise often exposed to pesticides.

You won’t find margarine, hydrogenated fats, or palm oil in our recipes either. Our ingredients are 100% natural. We respect quality ingredients along with artisanal know-how. For instance, the precious black garlic in our aperitif shortbread is manually produced.

Trois photos des biscuits Carrément Bon, avec de gauche à droite le biscuit signature Château de Laréole (avec le château en fond), les sablés appéritif ail noir (sur une boîte métallique avec le logo Carrément Bon), et les cookies healthy choco-noisette (sur une assiette blanche posée sur une table avec une nappe crème avec un buisson de fleurs rouges en fond flou)
From left to right: Carrément Bon‘s Château de Laréole signature biscuit, the black garlic appetizer shortbread, and the healthy chocolate-hazelnut cookies

Our ingredients are selected to minimize our social and environmental impact, with production methods that respect the environment, fair wages, and a preference for local products. Short circuits allow us to have full traceability of our products.

Our sourcing is also based on a strong knowledge of agricultural production. Indeed, Christine is the daughter of a winegrower and has 10 years of experience in horticultural engineering in different agricultural, landscape, and forest systems.

Do you have any new products to announce or projects in the works to tell us about?

If you like surprises and are based in France, you can sign up for our monthly box on our website You’ll receive a monthly refill for your box of biscuits with two special recipes.

The newest feature is that you can now select your favorite recipes for your refill (2 products for a small box or 3 for a large one). For that, just go to the menu item “reload my box”, then select “refill format” on the desired product. The empty box is also available for purchase through that link.

Boîte métallique ouverte avec le logo Carrément Bon dessus et un assortiment de biscuits emballés à l'intérieur

Aujourd’hui, ce qui nous fait vibrer est aussi d’aller toujours plus loin dans la créativité en imaginant pour le producteur la recette qui valorise le fruit de son travail, comme nous l’avons fait en partenariat avec l’Étuverie pour l’ail noir. C’est là que notre mission se réalise. À la fois en créant la recette qui valorise le produit, et en apportant une valeur ajoutée au producteur.

Today, what inspires us is to push our creativity further by imagining biscuit recipes for producers that highlight the fruit of their work, as we did for l’Étuverie‘s black garlic. This is where our mission really comes to life. By creating a recipe that enhances the ingredient while providing an added value to its producer.

Check out Carrément Bon’s website to find out more about this lovely brand of conscious and tasty biscuits, and order some for yourself or to gift to others. And don’t forget to follow @carrementbonbiscuits on Instagram!