JUNE events & content ideas for Ethical & sustainable brands

DO you know what you will you be posting on social media for your conscious business in june?

After April’s showers (+ Earth Month) and May’s flowers come… June’s rainbows. While Pride is a key event in June, it is not the only one happening internationally though, so let’s dive into some of the events coming up in June along with some ideas to incorporate them into your social media content strategy.

REMINDER: Whatever you choose to post or share stories about, make sure you try to do so in a conscious & inclusive way, staying true to your brand values.

🌈 June: Pride Month

#Pride2022 #LoveIsLove🌈

Highlight & amplify the voices and work of activists / initiatives you support or admire within the LGBTQ+ community, or share personal stories about what Pride means to you or your team / brand / clients.

In this article I dive deeper into some tips on how to approach Pride in a conscious and ethical way for your brand on (and off) social media).

πŸš΄πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ June 3rd: World Bicycle Day & Global Running Day

#WorldBicycleDay #GlobalRunningDay

Talk about the ecological impact of different modes of transportation, the benefits of physical activity or your / your team’s favorite outdoor activities.

🌎 June 5th: World Environment Day

#WorldEnvironmentDay #OnlyOneEarth

Share what steps you are taking (or plan to) to help build a world that is more inclusive, fair and connected with nature, what each of us can do and/or some of your favorite #IntersectionalEnvironmentalists, resources & initiatives.

🌊 June 8th: World Oceans Day

#WorldOceansDay #ProtectOurOceans

Share facts about the important role oceans play for a sustainable future and highlight some of your favorite initiatives, activists, tips and resources to help care for – and revitalize – our oceans.

πŸ§˜πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ June 11th:  Global Wellness Day

#GlobalWellnessDay #ThinkMagenta

This year’s Global Wellness Day is #ThinkMagenta, an invitation to ‘rise amidst the negativity’ in the world. Share what wellness means to you & your brand or some of your favorite positivity-boosting wellness tips, activities, resources, etc. & ask your audience about theirs.

πŸ’• June 19th: Father’s Day


Celebrate all the amazing fathers & father figures out there, share a memory about your own dad(s), and send your support to those for whom this may be a difficult day for a variety of reasons.

β˜€οΈ June 21st: Summer Solstice


Share some of your favorite eco-friendly summer tips, or talk about your summer plans & ask your audience about theirs. June 21st is also International Yoga Day, so if yoga is an activity that makes sense to celebrate for your brand and your audience, why not incorporate it into your social media content as well.

Here are a few additional dates of note that you could give your own twist to on social media this June:

June 1st: Global Day of Parents

June 7th: World Food Safety Day

June 12th: Pulse Remembrance Day + World Day Against Child Labour

June 14th: World Blood Donor Day (WBDD)

June 17th: World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought

June 18th: Sustainable Gastronomy Day

June 19th: Juneteenth (USA)

June 20th: World Refugee Day

June 21st: International Day of Yoga

June 27th: Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

June 28th: Stonewall Riots Anniversary

June 30th: Social Media Day

If creating social media content is not your area of expertise, you want a fresh set of eyes on your socials or you simply have too many other things to focus on while running your purpose-driven business…

And as a bonus, here are my favorite links to find upcoming international and national events for my clients: