February events and content ideas for ethical and sustainable brands

From new year’s wishes to valentine’s kisses. Time to shift our focus to february and the key days it’s bringing our way.

The 3 main events that come to (my) mind in February are Black History Month (USA/Canada), LGBT+ Month (UK), and Valentine’s Day, but there are plenty of other (mostly international) events happening this month so here are my favorites along with some content ideas to make them your own for your conscious brand.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the end for some additional events that might inspire you too. ?

? February 2nd: World Wetlands Day


This year’s theme is “Revive and restore degraded wetlands” so why not highlight the importance of wetlands in our ecosystem and how we can help restore them.

? February 4th: World Cancer Day


Send some love to all the cancer survivors + warriors, while highlighting the importance of accessible, quality healthcare.

? February 11th: International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Celebrate the amazing work done by women and girls in Science and the importance of greater diversity in the field.

Celebrate the amazing work done by women and girls in Science and the importance of greater diversity in the field.

?? February 14th: Valentine’s Day & Book Giving Day


Spread the love! Share some of the brands, organizations, initiatives & activists you love and are inspired by. Or share some sustainable, ethical alternatives to classic Valentine’s Day gifts.


Talk about the power of books, the eco benefits of opting for second-hand books, or your favorite books to give. You can check out my article 22+ Books on Ecology, Nature, and How to Live a More Sustainable, Hopeful Life for extra literary inspiration, with options for people of all ages.

⚖️ February 20th: Social Justice Day


Share facts & figures about the state of social justice/injustice in the world today and why this issue matters for a sustainable tomorrow.

? February 27th: International Polar Bear Day

#InternationalPolarBearDay #PolarBearDay

Discuss the impact climate change is having around the world, especially in the arctic regions, using the example of Polar bears.  

??? For more animal-themed content ideas this month, why not post about World Bonobo Day on the 14th, World Hippopotamus Day on the 15th, or World Whale Day & World Pangolin Day on February 19th?

All month: ✊? #BlackHistoryMonth2023 (US + Canada) 

Share facts, figures, quotes, and resources on Black history in North America. Discuss the link between racial and environmental justice and the importance of intersectional environmentalism.

All month: ? #LGBTplusHM LGBT+ History Month (UK)

Highlight & amplify the voices and work of activists/initiatives you support or admire within the LGBTQ+ community, or share personal stories about what Pride means to you or your team, your brand, your clients…

Here are a few additional dates of note that you could give your own twist to on social media this January:

Feb. 1-7: World Interfaith Harmony Week
Feb. 4th: International Day of Human Fraternity
Feb. 6th: International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
Feb. 10th: World Pulses Day
Feb. 12th: International Day for the Prevention of Violent Extremism as and when Conducive to Terrorism
Feb. 13th: World Radio Day
Feb. 14th: World Bonobo Day
Feb. 15th: World Hippopotamus Day
Feb. 19th: World Whale Day & World Pangolin Day
Feb. 19th-25th: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
Feb. 21st: International Mother Language Day and Mardi Gras
Feb. 26th: Tell A Fairytale Day
Feb. 28th: Rare Diseases Day

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