September events and content ideas for ethical and sustainable brands

what will you be posting on social media this September for your conscious business?

As Summer begins to give way to Fall, it’s the perfect time to refresh your social media accounts and test out some new content topics or formats. A great way to do that is by giving a unique twist to national or international events that fits with your sustainable & ethical brand’s values, offering and audience.

Here is my selection for September:

All month: Second-Hand September


Share your favorite second-hand items, places to shop or ways to give a new life to something (clothing, appliances, etc.).

An other educational content idea would be to post about the environmental & social impact of fast fashion and the fashion industry as a whole (check out the book Consumed by Aja Barber, mentioned in my eco-reading roundup, for inspiration).

September 5th: International Day of Charity


Shine the spotlight on charitable organizations / initiatives you work with or causes you support, personally or through your conscious business, and share why they matter to you.

September 7th: International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies


Highlight the health and climate impact of air pollution and different ways we can help prevent and reduce air pollution. (More information here)

September 8th: International Literacy Day


Highlight the importance of literacy & access to education for all or share a personal story about the positive impact of reading / education.

September 9th is also the International Day to Protect Education from Attack.

September 15th: International Day of Democracy


Discuss the importance of democracy in building a more sustainable and inclusive present and future. Encourage your audience to sign up to vote in their local elections to support candidates who also value social and environmental justice.

September 17th: World Clean-Up Day

#WorldCleanUpDay #WCUD2022 #PeopleForACleanPlanet

Share different ways to reduce trash, tips on how to properly dispose of items to minimize environmental impact or how to participate in a local cleanup initiative.

September 18th: Equal Pay Day


Shine the light on the importance of equal pay and the positive impact it can have on communities, or what you are doing to ensure equal and fair pay throughout your supply chain.

September 21st: International Day of Peace & World Gratitude Day

#InternationalDayofPeace #PeaceDay

Share a quote about peace / unity to celebrate this 24h period of cease-fire and non-violence. Highlight organizations, initiatives & activists you admire that are working hard to defend peace at a local or international level.


Share your favorite gratitude practices (journaling, meditation…), a quote about gratitude and/or what you (and your team if you have one) are grateful for at the moment, personally and/or in your business. Ask your community what they are grateful for.

September 22nd: World Car-Free Day (+ the first day of Fall)


Discuss the environmental impact of different modes of transportation. Share your experiences going (or trying to go) car-free and ask your audience about theirs & how easy/difficult it is to be car-free in their area.

September 19th-25th: International Week of Deaf People


Highlight your favorite deaf activists (one of my favorites is Deaf Queer on Instagram), share facts about deafness, the issue of audism & how you are trying to make your content more accessible overall. Side note: September 23rd is also International Sign Language Day (#InternationalSignLanguageDay).

September 27th: World Tourism Day


Share your favorite eco-friendly travel tips and accounts to follow, or cool places to discover near you & your business location(s).

September 28th: International Safe Abortion Day

#InternationalSafeAbortionDay #ReproductiveRightsAreHumanRights

Take a stand on the importance of safe abortions for greater social (and thus environmental) justice. Share an inspiring quote or illustration about reproductive rights or helpful resources.

For extra inspiration, check out my article on taking a stand as a conscious entrepreneur (+ this list of reproductive justice resources I compiled, mainly US-centric for now) as well as the WHO’s article about International Safe Abortion Day.

September 29th: International Day of Awareness on Food Loss & Waste Reduction


Showcase your favorite zero / low waste food tips, products, accounts, Facebook groups, etc.

September 30th: International Podcast Day

#International Podcast Day

Share your top podcast recommendations that discuss sustainability, ethics, etc.& ask your audience for theirs!

Here are a few additional dates of note that you could give your own twist to on social media this September:

Sept.: National Yoga Month (USA)
Sept. 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day
Sept. 11th: 9/11 Remembrance Day
Sept. 15th – Oct. 15th: Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month (USA)
Sept. 16th: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Sept. 16th-22: #MobilityWeek (Europe)
Sept. 18th: International Red Panda Day
Sept. 21st: Zero Emissions Day
Sept. 22nd: World Rhino Day #WorldRhinoDay
Sept. 24th: World Gorilla Day
Sept. 25th: World Rivers Day #WorldRiversDay
Sept. 26th: World Cassowary Day + World Environmental Health Day (via the IFEH)
Sept. 28th: International Day for Universal Access to Information
Sept. 30th: World Maritime Day + International Translation Day

If creating social media content is not your area of expertise, you want a fresh set of eyes on your socials or you simply have too many other things to focus on while running your purpose-driven business…

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As a bonus to thank you for reading all the way down to here, here are my favorite links to find upcoming international and national events for my clients: