Reflecting on The Social Palm’s impact and learnings

The social palm is officially 3!

Since starting The Social Palm in January 2020, a LOT has happened, almost NOTHING has gone according to plan ?, and it’s been a wonderful adventure!

As of January 2023, The Social Palm has worked for 15 trailblazing, conscious businesses on 23 projects.

These projects included my core services (creating social media strategy roadmaps and managing social media accounts/ad campaigns) and involved creating…

821 posts

143 videos/reels

145+ ads

I was also able to work on projects like:

  • ?‍? Creating social media graphic design templates
  • ✍️ Copywriting for websites, marketing materials, and even a book!
  • ? Hosting masterclasses on social media and ethical marketing for entrepreneurs and college students
  • ? And consulting on a variety of social media & marketing topics

Each project was so much fun and an amazing opportunity to collaborate with inspiring individuals, each making an impact for a more just and sustainable world! Nearly every client call was filled with laughter and swapping tips on our favorite eco-themed podcasts, articles, books… Plus many cat and dog guest-appearances ?.

The best icing on top of the entrepreneurial cake?

Donating 1.27% of revenue

to multiple initiatives doing incredible work for the environment, social justice, historically marginalized & oppressed groups, accessible quality healthcare, animal welfare, and more!

Here are a few of the organizations I was able to support in 2022:

  • One Tree Planted: 1$ = 1 tree planted. I love being able to donate trees to specific projects within the platform.
  • Indigenous Women Rising whose mission is “honoring Native & Indigenous People’s inherent right to equitable and culturally safe health options through accessible health education, resources and advocacy”
  • The Transgender Education Network of Texas, “dedicated to furthering gender-diverse equality in Texas (…) through education and networking in both public and private forums.”
  • Texas Assistance Funds and the Lillith Fund helping provide accessible, quality abortion and family planning information and care
  • L’Ecole du Chat Libre, whose work I’m very familiar with since I also foster cats for them here in Toulouse
  • Orphan Kitten Club‘s founder, Hannah Shaw, is the reason I started fostering.

Some of the key moments that stand out, as I reflect on the past 3 years?

  • Navigating the shift from being a Social Media Manager for a group of colleges and having worked in creative/digital agencies before.
  • Lining up projects only to have them dissolve (much!) faster than compostable greeting cards as the pandemic took hold of the world.
  • Signing my first contract, my first BIG contract, my first 12-month retainer contract ?… Each new project fills me with so much excitement!
  • Pushing myself (FAR) out of my comfort zone to embody my business on and off social media. Showing my face. Posting reels. Finding my voice (still a work in progress).
  • Creating a website in 2020, then calling in an expert (Amy from Blue Raspberry Design) in 2022 to take it to a whole other level visually while making it more eco-friendly!
  • And so much more…

Do you have an ethical/sustainable product-based business? You can click here to find out more about me and here to book a free discovery chat together. Whether you’re feeling ready to work together, super interested, or simply curious, I’d love to hear from you!

What lessons have i learned since starting the social palm?

SO MANY LESSONS ? but here are the main 3 (one for each year since The Social Palm was founded):

1️⃣ Make Self-Care a top priority 

  • Focusing on your mental and physical health first and foremost is key for a sustainable work-life balance 

2️⃣ Growth isn’t a single or straight(forward) path 

  • There’s beauty in building your business at your own pace, in a way that feels right and manageable for you. Letting go of comparison is so liberating.

3️⃣ The learning never ends 

  • Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest accelerators of life & business lessons there is! It teaches us so much about the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying around, pushing us to face it head on and let it go. It motivates us to explore different ways of doing things and making an impact. It challenges us to question what mark we want leave behind us, what change we want to help create in the world. 

Thank you so much for not only reading all the way down to here but also, and most importantly, for sharing this journey with me! Meeting, and building relationships, with people from all corners of the world who share my passion for a more sustainable present and future brings is an endless source of inspiration and joy.

Thank you for being you!

I would love to find out more about you and your purpose-driven business! Curious about how I can help with your social media and what it could feel like to work together? Check out my ABOUT page. You can also book a free discovery chat with me HERE or send me an email.

Take care!

? Claire